Describing Marketing Through Football

Marketing 442 Descrivere il Marketing attraverso il calcio - Andrea Stoppacciaro Alessia Tiberi

Marketing is like football: exciting, eternal, profitable!

If you want an assist to score your goal, read this book.


Marketing works like a football team: the more you practise, the more you win!

Maybe, it’s a complex thing, but not necessarily a difficult one.


Start your journey into the world of Marketing told through Football: read Marketing 4.4.2

Why Marketing 4.4.2?

We’ve been in Marketing for over one third of our life now, and the more we do it the more we realize how fascinating this science is and how it affects every aspect of life.
Having had to study a lot, we know that marketing materials are often perceived as boring, sometimes even illegible.

So we decided to take on the challenge of writing a “non-boring” marketing book for entrepreneurs and professionals, to describe marketing through something that as many people as possible are passionate about: a difficult challenge; indeed, very difficult!

So? What are we all so passionate about? We are all people with ingenuity, inventiveness, creativity and the ability to do things: there is a wonderful and exciting world inside each of us. However, we also realized that one of the most exciting themes that exists is football. Whether we love it or not, we know it and we constantly face it with passion: we talk about it by supporting our ideas about its pros or cons, its successes or failures, its past or its future.

Marketing 442 Libro Stoppacciaro Tiberi

That's why we wrote a book on marketing where we describe it as if it were a football team.

We leave you a small excerpt from our Marketing 4.4.2. to give you an idea of how we wrote it



Enjoy the reading

Andrea ed Alessia

" It is the Champions League final match.

43rd minute of the second half.

At the end of a hard-fought match, the teams are tied. Suddenly, your team wins the ball: the left-back runs on the wing and unmarks an opponent, drifts and passes to the centre; the midfielder tows his chest and avoids the opposing defence; he throws the ball to the right where his teammate throws himself towards the goal.

The opposing defence flocks to protect their net.

It’s the 44th minute.

That’s when you see your attackers shooting like arrows at the barrier and getting assist from the wing. It is a crescendo of dribbling and passing: the opponents fail to tame them; they run, they escape, they fly; and it’s the goal!

The stadium explodes in a blaze of joy and satisfaction, the players hug each other, and the referee blows his whistle to end the game: you are the champions! This is the best goal ever! It is the team’s success!

But, why? Why is it “you” that are the champions, and not the team? Why is this the best goal ever? Why is it “the team’s” success, and not yours? Why is all of it like that?

Campioni Football Marketing 4-4-2 attraverso il calcio
Andrea Stoppacciaro

Andrea Stoppacciaro

Marketing and Communication Consultant and Trainer

Andrea Stoppacciaro is a marketing and communication entrepreneur. For over 15 years he has supported small and medium-sized enterprises and higher education institutes.

Expert in digital and analogue marketing, brand management and sales, he is the founder and owner of A STUDIO MARKETING, a consulting firm focused on marketing and communication

He has taught Blogging and Copywriting at Guglielmo Marconi University and collaborates with IUL University on the Master Course in Digital Marketing and Social Media. He is a member of the POINTGLOBAL Board of Scientists.

Learn more about him at

Alessia Tiberi

Alessia Tiberi

Coach, Trainer and Business Consultant

Alessia Tiberi is a coach, trainer, and business consultant in organisation, management, and leadership of economic, professional, and personal change.

He carries out research and teaching activities in entrepreneurial disciplines and social sciences.

He collaborated with Sapienza University of Rome and is the founding leader of POINTGLOBAL.

She is the author of The Age of Change.

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Whatever you do, Marketing 4.4.2 will give you a magnificent assist to score with your business.
Through the metaphor of football and its dynamics, he will tell you an exciting story about marketing, which will lead you to think and orient yourself to success like real champions do.
Based on the over-ten-year experience of the authors, this book highlights the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary business, suggests strategies and tactics to get the most out of your professional life, and explains everything with the simplicity and normality of a football story.


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